Flood Water First Aid

Water Damage, Restoration & Flood Clean Up Services.

Water damage can range from a broken pipe, water leaks, wet basements, or a major flood. Either way, it is imperative to remove the flood water and begin structural drying as soon as the water damage is discovered.

Water damage, wet basements and flooded homes can become a breeding ground for fungi, mould and other harmful organisms.

Clean Up…Dry Out…& Prevent Further Water Damage!

Our water damage restoration focuses on drying out your property with minimal structural disturbances.  We understand that water and flood intrusions are an unpleasant predicament that’s why we’ve engineered effective water damage restoration techniques as a first stage of the cleanup.


Water Damage Restoration Equipment & Staff

In order to fight flood water, mildew and water damage odours, we use our various pocesses, equipment and products.

Water/ Fire Damage Restoration

Rug reclaiming

Odour Removal


Rug, Upholstery and Carpet Drying