Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Preventative Maintenance

Use throw rugs or area rugs inside and outside doorways to collect soil before it is tracked onto the wood floor. This helps prevent soil build-up, as well as scratching and scuffing. Avoid the use of rugs with a latex coated backing over wood floors as the preservatives used in the latex can sometimes discolour wooden floors. Do not use rubber mats over wooden floors.

Avoid walking on wood floors with sports shoes, golf shoes and high heels. This kind of impact can leave indentations in the floor. If you have dogs, keep their toenails neatly trimmed short. Long toenails can scratch and abrade the finish on a wood floor, as well as leave indentations.

Do not use wax finishes on wood floors. Wax finishes dull quickly and require more frequent and expensive maintenance. Once a wood floor has had a wax finish applied, no other kind of finish can be applied without sanding.

Use soft plastic or fabric protectors under the legs of furniture to prevent scuffing and scratching. When moving heavy furniture across a wood floor, do not slide it. Either lift the furniture totally off the floor or use protective skids or glides.

Protect wood floors near the kitchen sink from spills and over-sprays.

Using a humidifier, particularly in cold, dry climates, in the winter months will help protect your wood floor from shrinkage.

Regular Maintenance

Sweep with a soft bristle broom, dust mop and/or vacuum (with a soft floor attachment) your wood floor on a frequent basis.​

Avoid wet mopping a wood floor. Too much water can dull the finish, potentially damage the wood floor, or leave a discolouring residue.

Use only cleaning products specifically designed for wood floors. The highest quality and safest wood floor cleaners are available exclusively from your wood floor care professional. Do not use cleaning solutions designed for other flooring surfaces such as vinyl or tile. They can damage your wood floor finish and cause the floor to become dull and slippery.

Wipe up all spills immediately. Your protective finish should protect your wood floor from most stains caused by spilled liquids as long as you wipe them up rapidly. In the event of a stubborn spot, use your professional wood floor cleaner. If a spot or stains persists after applying wood floor cleaner, consult your wood floor care professional.

Clean your floors periodically with a professional wood floor cleaner. Use a slightly moist or near dry mop or absorbent towel to apply and remove the cleaner.

Hardwood Cleaning


Firstly we vacuum and dust mop where necessary.

Then we apply the cleaning product.

The floor is then machine cleaned and neutralised using a variation of pads, brushes and other products. 

Then the floor is mopped (if necessary) and machine dried.

Dependant on wood type, resealant processes maybe required (minimum of 3 coats., possibly more).