Tile & Grout Cleaning

Premier Tile, Stone, & Grout Cleaning Service.


Tile, Grout, and hard surface cleaning is tough! Customers try cleaning dirty grout with amazing products, floor steam cleaners, and even bleach. Only to find they still can’t get their grout lines clean.

Grout cleaning is so hard because grout is concrete. Even if you clean your floor diligently, over the years soil levels compound. Without a grout sealer the dirt becomes embedded in grout channels. Then it can’t be removed with normal cleaning.

Your tile and grout floors are incredibly durable, and a great investment. Tile and grout floors must be vacuumed, disinfected, dusted and steam cleaned. If you have a residential steam cleaner, use it to clean your tile and grout surfaces. After our professional tile and grout cleaning we recommend getting you grout sealed so it will stay clean.

Our grout cleaning can remove stubborn stains and years of soil build up.


The Kernow Ecoclean 5 Step Tile & Grout Maintenance 

1.Customer interview and tile & grout identification.

2.Establish protected areas and basic furniture moving.

3.Power scrub grout lines and tiles.

4.Rinse & pad dry.

5.Post cleaning wrap up and customer care suggestions