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Carpet Cleaning FAQs

​​1. What kind of equipment do you use? 

Whether we are cleaning your carpets, rugs, grout lines, upholstery, mattress or hard floors, our equipment is top of the range and exceeds residential standards. We utilise portable carpet cleaning systems as our preferred type of equipment. These powerful, high performance portable systems are used wherever possible. Offering jet power designed vacuums, high pressure steam, and maximum water recovery.  With innovative design modifications, dual three stage vacuums, and optimal water presssure our portables offer the strongest performance on the market. When using our portables we use no chemicals in our steam cleaning rinsing process.


2. What type of cleaning products do you use? 

First and foremost we don't use any chemicals that are not safe for our children, pets, technicians, or the environment. Unlike many other cleaning companies, when we clean your carpets we use no chemicals in our steam cleaning process. Powerful chemicals will get carpets clean, but they are known in the UK as toxic, and they may cause your carpet to re-soil very quickly. We are not interested in and do not use any heavy carpet cleaning chemicals. Many carpet cleaners may use these chemicals to overcompensate for low grade equipment and untrained technicians.


At Kernow Ecoclean, we use Nontoxic / Biodegradable / plant based cleaning products. These products are very effective and safe. They are completely safe for children, pets and the environment. Whilst such cleaning products cost more, we know our customers and staff appreciate the extra attention given to our health and the environment. 


3. Is it true you will honour any valid competitor's price? 

Yes! We have been cleaning carpets for quite some time and always honour a true competitor's price. The competitor must be NCCA trained, use comparable equipment and use safe, eco-friendly products. Kernow Ecoclean honours written estimates. 

4. Will all the stains be removed?
If we can’t get it out, the stain is not coming out. Customers are amazed at the difference we can make. Our equipment, products, and exclusive steam rinse are excellent in trying to remove even the most stubborn stains. Carpet quality, age, protectors, previous stain attempt removal and general care are all variables in the stain eradication process.


5. How often should my carpets be cleaned?
Good question and one we are often asked. The short answer and the one recommended by most carpet manufacturers is at least once every year and no more than eighteen months. Cleaning your carpets more frequently is recommended if you have children, pets, allergies, or a busy household. 

The long answer is your carpet manufactures warranty may require yearly cleaning and carpet protecting reapply to satisfy their requirements of proper care. For optimal health, beauty, and the longest lasting carpets you should have them cleaned every six months. Check out our discount off carpet cleaning specials in our blog to make this a pleasant and affordable experience.


6. Will Too Much Carpet Cleaning Wear Down My Carpet Fibres?
No.  Even in the toughest environments such as hotels, a well maintained carpet will look great and last years. 5 Star hotels see a lot of traffic but always have beautiful carpets. That’s because they are vacuumed every day, spot cleaning as required, and steam cleaning may take place every two to four weeks. That’s potentially up to 26 carpet cleaning’s per year!

There are only 4 rules for good carpet maintenance.

Quality – The higher the purchase price, the better the durability, and clean ability. 

Vacuuming – The single most important preventative maintenance procedure is vacuuming.

Stains – Get them out quickly. Especially pet stains. Don’t rub stains in, blot them out.  Some of the shelf stain removers may actually "fix" the stain or bleach the carpet permanently - Please feel free to contact us for advice on stain removal.

Cleaning – Professional Hot Water Extraction (steam cleaning), recommended every 6 - 12 months.


Chemicals – Less is better. Even the best over the counter organic spotters and stain removers will remain in your carpet until they are extracted. At home you simulate the extraction process by blotting or by using a shop vac, to remove the excess product and the stain. When you call a professional, make sure they have portable steam cleaning equipment. This is the best process for removing deep down dirt that your vacuum can't get too. However not all carpet cleaners are the same. If they use normal chemicals and detergent rinses they may leave a soil attracting residue. This residue will clog the carpet fibres making them unable to release dirt, when vacuuming. Your carpets may prematurely wear and stains will be very difficult to come out. If you follow these carpet rules your carpets should last longer and always look great.


7. How long will it take to clean my carpets?
Each job is different. We can give you a general idea at time of quoting as to how long the process may take, however we allow additional time on most jobs in case a client requests additional cleaning services. For that reason, we take as long as required to make sure your carpet, rugs, and upholstery get their cleanest. 


8. Do you move furniture?
In most cases basic furniture moving is included. We use furniture sliders and protective tabs to make the job safe and easy. We normally do not move large items such as TV’s, entertainment units, china cabinets, pianos, book case or any items that may come apart. Moving items such as beds, dressers, large sofas, desks, and servers will be done at no extra charge. Kernow Ecoclean asks that you remove all breakable items from any furniture that is to be moved.


9. How long will it take for carpets to dry before I can walk on them?
Nobody likes wet carpet, so we go out of our way to ensure your carpet never gets soaked. We recommend not walking on freshly cleaned carpet. While we are cleaning please be extra careful when transition from carpet to hard surfaces. Ask your carpet cleaning technician for some complementary booties to prevent the carpets from resoiling. Using our powerful 6.6 hp vacuums & state of the art carpet wands your carpets should be dry in 2 – 4 hours. Fibre type, density, soil levels, and relative humidity may effect drying times. 


10. What cleaning method do you use?
While there are several different methods of carpet cleaning, Kernow Ecoclean is experienced in all of them. The best method depends on the type of carpet you have, amount of soil present and what are your overall expectations. We recommend HWE (hot water extraction) method, commonly referred to as “steam cleaning”. Our method uses pre-application cleaning products followed by steam and hot water, sprayed at pressures from 180 – 500 PSI depending on the type of carpet, length of pile and other factors we check during our carpet inspection.  Steam cleaning is recommended and often required by leading carpet manufactures. 


11. What Guarantees do you offer?
If The Stains Come Back … So Do We .....
Our portable carpet cleaning service comes with our exclusive guarantee” if the stains come back so do we guarantee”. We can offer you this warranty because we have designed our process, equipment and natural solutions to prevent any stains from reappearing or wicking back to the surface. Our process will keep your carpet cleaner longer. Some restrictions may apply.


12. What other services do you provide?
In addition to carpet cleaning Kernow Ecoclean also provides; oriental rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning, mattress cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, pet odour removal, post construction cleaning, apartment cleaning, hardwood floor cleaning, We also provide commercial office cleaning and end of tenancy carpet cleaning. If it needs cleaning….give us a call!


13. Are you insured?
Yes. All reputable business have insurance to protect not only themselves but their clients as well. Kernow Ecoclean carries full business liability insurance policy. If you need a Certificate of Insurance, please call us and we will have one sent to you. We require your name, address and phone number. We can  mail or email you a copy of our certificate.


14. What cities and towns do you currently service?

We can do other areas upon request that may require a small travel surcharge.
Call for more info at 01840-211156


15. Do I need to be at home while you clean my carpets?
If you are a first time client, we prefer you to be present on arrival of the cleaning. If you will not be present during the carpet inspection and or cleaning, please let us know in advance to arrange access into the property. We like to have someone home to show us around the areas that need cleaning and if we have questions about any stains, spots or seam problems. Before we start the cleaning process, we perform carpet inspection to address any concerns you may have and get an idea of overall carpet condition and age. We are friendly, uniformed, honest, certified, insured and reliable professionals you can trust in your home. Most return customers that just leave a “key under the mat” and a note reminding which areas to clean. We post the invoice and lock the door on the way out.

We can call your office or mobile phone prior to our arrival to let you know when we can meet you. That way you are not sitting around the house waiting for us to arrive. We sometimes get delayed during the day so exact appointment times are hard to pin down. With our mobile phones you can call us at any time to let us know if your schedule has changed or to find out if we are running on or near schedule. Our goal is to keep you informed and cause as little disruption in your day as possible.


16. I have seen ad’s for a “Dry Cleaning” method. Is this a good method to use?
As mentioned earlier, most major carpet manufacturers recommend and some now require steam cleaning (hot water extraction), as their preferred method of cleaning. Much like washing your hair you rinse out the soap before drying, steam cleaning is highly effective in removing soil and other contaminants from your carpet using the flushing of water rinsing agents and extraction with a powerful vacuum system. It is one of many carpet cleaning processes that are officially recognised as an industry standard.

To most people “dry cleaning” means cleaning without water. The fact is, most carpet cleaning advertised as “Dry” cleaning actually uses anywhere from a little, to a lot, of water! Some companies use a powder material that is sprinkled on the carpet and worked in with a brush machine. The material supposedly absorbs the soil and is vacuumed away. For the majority of residential customers HWE or “steam cleaning” will deliver the most effective results.

Each process can be effective depending on the circumstances. For those who prefer a dry cleaning process, for speciality carpets such as Sisal, Seagrass etc and for most commercial carpets, Kernow Ecoclean offers dry carpet cleaning and low moisture cleaning systems. These two systems are unique and effective process that delivers good cleaning results with minimum water usage. Drying times are brief with an average of 10 min’s to 30 min’s. Your carpets will be clean, bright and usable in a short amount of time. These processes are a good not great choice for carpet cleaning maintenance programs.


17. What can I do to prepare before the Technician arrives to clean my carpets?
Our goal is to make the cleaning process as simple as possible and not to disturb your daily routine anymore than necessary. We have a check list with the most common item that needs attention before our arrival. Removing breakables and clearing items from the floors is always recommended as a first step.


18. What are the benefits of having my carpets Steam Cleaned
Carpet manufacturing experts agree there is one “best” method for cleaning carpets in your home. That method is HWE. Check the major carpet mills websites, you will see they overwhelming recommend HWE as the preferred method of cleaning. .

DEEP EXTRACTION– Our natural products penetrate deep into the carpet fibres where dirt can be embedded. Soil is extracted from base of carpet not scrubbed in deeper. The dirt and soil are taken out of carpet with our steam water rinse action.
NO SOAPS & DETERGENTS– All natural cleaning solutions are plant based. They are non-residue materials and wash out completely with the steam rinse.

SAFE & EFFECTIVE – For all carpet types and fibres, including the stain resistant types, like Stain Master, wool and the finest oriental rugs. Also Kernow Ecoclean products are completely safe for you, your children, pets and the environment.
SANITISES – Removing up to 95% of bacteria, dust mites, allergy laden particles, pollen and pollutants in the carpet that can attribute to allergic reactions. 

ZERO CHEMICAL RESIDUE – Our natural carpet cleaning will not leave a drop of soapy residue.
SPOTS & STAINS – Even tough spots, stains and odours should be removed during our cleaning process.

CARPET PILE DISTORTION – The powerful vacuum action and hot water used during cleaning helps restore that “like new” look to your carpet. The carpet is clean and standing up like new.
FAST DRY- Most carpets are dry in 2-4 hrs.

ECONOMICAL – Frequent cleaning helps extend the life of your carpet.
NO HARSH CHEMICALS – Our natural cleaning solutions are made from plant based products. They are completely safe for children, pets and are hypo allergenic. No chemicals that leave a sticky residue and no soaps or harsh detergents are used. Just ask to see the products we use; we are very proud of them.


19. Why should we choose Kernow Ecoclean to clean our carpets?
Because we are true-Professionals and very customer focused. Carpet cleaning may seem pretty straight forward, but that’s not the case with all the different types of carpet, upholstery materials and cleaning agents available on the market today. You have to know the chemistry and understand how different cleaning agents work on soil and stains on carpet fibres. Carpet cleaning today is very different than it was 15 years ago. With the advances in green cleaning supplies, water purification and powerful portable systems today, carpets stay cleaner and stay that way much longer. The cleaning products we use are the latest technology in green cleaners. In addition, the carpet fibre itself has changed. 

We will provide you a firm quote and stand by that price. We are professionals who operate our business in an honest and ethical manner. In addition we are fully insured, certified, knowledgeable, honest, hard working and conduct our business with the highest integrity. Plus, you will love our friendly, uniformed cleaning technicians. Discover the difference and experience truly clean, fresh carpet. Our aim is to make the whole process of cleaning in your home, pleasant and stress free for YOU, our client. Call us for more info or to schedule an appointment today at 01840-211156


20. Do you have references, past client comments?
Yes, we have posted some of them on our website. For large or corporate bookings, we may be able to supply details of clients who would be willing to vouch for our integrity & the high level of service we provide. Please contact us for further details, if applicable.


21. Will the backing of my carpet get wet during cleaning?
Absolutely not! During our cleaning process hot water is injected into the carpet fibres rinsing the carpet and removing all the sand, dust mites, pollen, dirt and other contaminants.


Much of the moisture is removed by the powerful portable vacuum system and state of the art cleaning equipment we employ so the carpet is left slightly damp to the touch. Most carpets are dry in 2- 4 hrs depending on carpet type, humidity and air movement.

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