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Rug Cleaning

Premier Rug Cleaning in North Cornwall.

Regular rug cleaning is very important for maintaining the health, longevity, and beauty of your rugs. Depending on the amount of traffic, we recommend having your Oriental and Persian rugs professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months.

At Kernow Ecoclean Rug Cleaning, we use non-toxic, natural chemicals that won't harm your rug's structure. Most fine area rugs are made from wool which in itself is natural.

Therefore using all natural products only makes sense. 

Our In House Rug Cleaning Process

1.  Inspection and Testing: Every rug is thoroughly inspected for areas of concern before cleaning.

2.  Vacuuming: We will vacuum your rug using multiple passes  to extract as much dry soil a possible.

3.  Cleaning:  Pet stains, spots and odours receive extra attention

4.  Rinsing: Our powerful machine will extract as much dirt and stains as possible. Rinsing is done by injecting water directly into the rugs pile while simultaneously extracting any soil.

5.  Drying: Using our specially designed wand glide, we will perform multiple dry pass to extract as much water as possible. We then clean around the edges while drying the floor.

Basic furniture moving & tabbing


   Prepare and establish protected areas


   5 step oriental rug cleaning

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